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Copa to begin service from New Orleans to Panama

( Copa Airlines will start offering non-stop flights four times a week between New Orleans and Panama on June 24, the airline announced in February. But why should anyone in New Orleans, beyond Pan-American Life executives and those with … Read More

Union Park  Chitre, Panama

Destination: Chitre, Panama

(Panama Gringo) Spotlight this week on the relatively smaller city of Chitre, on the eastern coast of Panama’s Ezuero Peninsula. Though it’s smaller than the more popular destinations like Panama City and Colon, Chitre has plenty to keep you … Read More

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Living in Panama

Darien Bienvenidos

Life along the Darien

(Al Jazeera) The border between Panama and Colombia is perplexingly unique.It's the meeting point of two countries and two continents - North and South America - with long, connected histories of trade and migration.Yet it's one of the only … Read More

Azuero Carnival

The Good Life in Pedasi, Panama

(Huffington Post) On the golden coast of Panama's Azuero Peninsula sits the town of Pedasi, large enough so you could actually live there yet small enough to make you feel like an active stakeholder in a thriving community.Pedasi is the kind of … Read More

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Things To Do In Panama

A view of Casco Viejo at Night

Top Five Things to do on a trip to Panama

(Huffinton Post) To be honest, all I ever really even KNEW about Panama was that it had a canal that connected the north and south seas, otherwise known as the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. It has been on the horizon as the "next IT spot" to go … Read More

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2015 Panama International Film Festival

The fourth edition of the Panama International Film Festival will be held from April 9 to April 15, 2015.Here are the films that will be shown:For the locations click here.Ibero-american Feature Debuts Be among the first to discover … Read More

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